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Fee Structure

2022-23 Cost breakdowns

Sporting Springfield works very hard to keep our costs reasonable and to make our programs available to everyone who is interested in playing soccer. Our club is run primarily by volunteers with limited full time staff and part-time paid coaches. We hold several fundraisers during the year to help defray costs. We offer scholarships to assist some families with our fees, based on available funds.

Our fees fall into 3 main categories:

  1. Club fees – This fee is assessed in the fall immediately following tryouts and they are for the entire year. These fees cover the cost of coaching, curriculum building, insurance, and club overhead expenses for the year (August 1 – July 31). Club fees are the funds we use to run our club.

  2. League and tournament fees – These fees are collected generally twice a year (beginning of fall and spring sessions) to cover league and tournaments expenses plus administration costs of each respective team. The League and tournament fee per team is split evenly by the number of participants for each team and the estimated expenses over each fall or spring session. These fees come on a separate invoice than the Club fees mentioned above. Sporting Springfield must pay these fees on behalf of the teams BEFORE the first game, so it’s very important we collect these fees in advance of each fall or spring session.  Winter futsal/indoor would be the same concept.

  3. Travel expenses – These expenses vary depending on the age of your child and the tournaments chosen by your child’s team.

a. Generally, there is little to no travel for U9 and below teams.

b. The U10-U13 age group will usually have one-three traveling tournaments in the fall and one-three in the spring (younger less and older more).  The possibility of “friendly matches” outside of the Springfield area exist also. These tournaments and “friendly” matches are usually within 200 miles of Springfield. We primarily travel to KC, St. Louis, or Tulsa. You will be responsible for the travel expenses associated with these trips. All tournaments REQUIRE we stay in the team hotel that is assigned to us. We cannot choose the hotel and we could be disqualified from the tournament if our members do not stay in the assigned hotel. You will be given the dates and costs of the hotel stay required several weeks in advance.

c. At the U14-U19 age groups each family and player is responsible for their own travel expenses. However, when available, teams may utilize our team travel program. This program is designed to reduce the cost of travel for the player only and to provide a higher chance of success for the teams. Moreover, this travel arrangement is based upon collegiate level experiences many will incur in their soccer careers. All transportation and hotel expenses are provided at a fixed cost for each trip. Families are welcome to come to the games and can make their own travel arrangements at their expense. If/when the team travel program is utilized the entire team will travel together.